January 7, 2020

Here Comes the Sustainable AG Rider

How ya doing? My name’s Brennan Washington and I’m the Sustainable AG Rider and welcome to the Sustainable AG Rider podcast. This is our first episode and it’s just a short episode to tell you who I am, why I started this podcast and what you can get out of it.

Looking forward to bring you some great episodes!

I’ve been involved in sustainable small scale agriculture for close to 20 years. My wife Gwendolyn and I own Phoenix Gardens, a small, diversified farm above Atlanta. We’ve been farming here for the past 15 years and we grow fruits, veggies, herbs, as well as keeping a large flock of laying hens.

Ripening tomatoes at Phoenix Gardens, Lawrenceville GA

I’m also a strong advocate for sustainable agriculture across the southeastern United States with a focus on working with 1890 land grant universities, nonprofit organizations and farmers of color.

I have served as a board member for Georgia Organics, the Southern Agricultural Research and Education Program, otherwise known as Southern SARE, the Southeastern Sustainable Agricultural Working Group, otherwise known as Southern SSAWG, and the Georgia Farmer’s Market Association.

Gabe Brown on the left talking regenerative agriculture

I started this podcast to cover important issues in sustainable agriculture and to spotlight people working with sustainably minded farmers across the Southeast. When you listen to this podcast, you will receive a wealth of information that could help you with your farm, your research or your efforts to build local food systems and assist farmers and ranchers. You will hear from farmers and ranchers, Land Grant University researchers and extension personnel and organizations working with farmers who are building local food systems.

Keisha Cameron of graduating from the Southern University AG Leadership Program

This is our podcast. And my goal is to make it the best covering sustainable agriculture and small-scale farming and ranching in the Southeast.

You can help by sending me show ideas, being a guest and sending me news and views from your area. Please share this podcast with your friends, neighbors and colleagues. Become a subscriber and rate us on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher and Google

Show Notes

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