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Agriculture in the United States has changed dramatically over the last 100 years.  Although agriculture has become much more efficient, this efficiency has not come without painful costs.

Topsoil is disappearing in the midwest.  Droughts are impacting many western areas where a majority of our food is grown.  Climate change has created unstable weather patterns across the world.  Food production is being concentrated in a smaller number of hands.

On this podcast, we will cover many of these issues by speaking with people involved in agriculture across the country with a particular focus on the southeast. 

This program will also intentionally feature the viewpoints of farmers of color, a group that is often overlooked when these conversations are held.  We will speak with 1890 land grant personnel, representatives of non-profits and directly with farmers of color as we cover issues of sustainable agriculture.

Fertilizing the conversations on farming and Sustainable agriculture among farmers of color.

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Janet Corks

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Mary Lou

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