Season 1
Season 1
Growing Fruit Trees in the South

In most of the farmers markets throughout the south, you will see a bounty of wonderful locally grown produce. In many markets however, the one commodity that can be hard to come by is fruit. Of course, you can buy refreshing watermelons, juicy muscadines and flavorful peaches. But there is never a rich palette of all types of fruit you can take home with you.

In this episode of the Sustainable AG Rider Podcast, we talk with Robby Astrove, a stalwart member of Atlanta’s urban agriculture scene. Robby has a passion for fruit trees and will speak with us about selecting, planting and caring for fruit trees in the southeast. If I had to start my farm all over again, I would have planted my fruit first and then proceeded with everything else. I hope this episode will encourage all of you to plant an orchard on your farm and reap the benefits not only for your family but also for your local community.

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Show Notes

University of Georgia Home Apple Orchard Series

The Southern SARE Research & Education grant program is now accepting applications. You can get more info at

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