Season 1
Season 1
Soil, Minerals, Salt & Pigeon Peas

Soil is the foundation upon which agriculture rests.  It has been said the true role of a farmer is to build healthy soils which in turn will provide him with healthy and bountiful crops.  While our soils in the United States has been a great benefactor to the country, our lack of stewardship of this vital resource presents us with some unique challenges

In this episode of the Sustainable AG Rider Podcast, I speak with Justin Duncan of the National Center for Appropriate Technology about soil and its many components.  He’ll speak about soil basics new farmers should know and how they approach soil fertility on their farms.  We also chat about salt, minerals and pigeon peas.

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Show Notes

Cover Crops for Hot & Humid Areas by Justin Duncan

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Seven Springs Farm Supply
Earthwise Organics

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