Season 1
Season 1
Talking Market Gardens

Around the country, we are heading into the season when we can head down to a farmers market, a roadside stand or pick up a CSA share and enjoy the results of some farmers labor. And many of those farmers grow the vegetables, fruits and herbs that we will enjoy, hopefully, with friends and family this summer.

Felicia Bell surveying a farmers fields

Market gardens are small farms which generally grow a variety of crops for sale directly to the consumer or to restaurants. Existing on every continent including Africa, Europe and South America, market gardens have served as an important source of food for many people for quite some time.

In this episode of the Sustainable AG Rider Podcast, I speak with Felicia Bell about market garden basics. Felicia runs RD&S Farm in Brandon, Mississippi and is a technical assistant for the National Center for Appropriate Technology. Felicia and I will chat about market gardens and what a new farmer should be doing if they want to establish one. We’ll talk soils, farm layout and planning among other things.

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